Draw Warping

Yes Fashions has a state of the art draw warping unit which uses the world's best technology from Karl Mayer and Noy Vallesina. This unit happens to be the second largest of it's kind in India.

This process combines the process of Drawing and Warping into a single continuous process.

The main advantage over the conventional process of drawing and warping separately is that the entire warp sheet is processed at once due to which there is a high degree of uniformity throughout the process. The jumbo beams produced in this process are the most preferred warp inputs for weaving and warp knitting machines.

Current Machines:

• 10 Draw Warpering Lines of Karl Mayer, Germany.
• 1 Draw Warper of Noy Vallesina, Italy.
• Total Production Capacity : 1200 tons / month

Yes Fashions is a company having 22 yrs experience in the field of Polyester filament sizing. The company's latest technology machinery has enabled it to specialize in warp preparation for high speed water jet looms. It is the largest polyester filament sizer in India.

The process involves application of a coating on the entire surface of warp yarn. This results in increased strength and low degree of filamentation in synthetic yarns.

Current Machines:
11  Sizing machines Lines.  Total Production Capacity: 650 tons / month


The company has 30 years experience in the field of weaving. Due to the latest technology being available to the company in the warp and weft preparatory divisions, the company has the capability of efficiently running world class water jet automatic looms of Japanese Technology.

This has enabled the company to have one of the largest polyester filament weaving facilities in India. Weft preparation is carried out on with the support of diverse yarn preparatory machines like crepe, twisting, doubling, etc The company is currently producing grey fabric on Plain, Dobby and Jacquard Looms.

Capacity : Total Production Capacity: 2,200,000 Mtr. / Month.


The group has it's own set-up of embroidery and value addition. Installations include multi head embroidery machines with flat, sequin, chain, chenille, taping, cording, coiling, laser and beading functions. Designs and concepts are created from sketch to finish in order to cater original and innovative fashion articles.
In-house garmenting unit with machines from world class suppliers like Juki, Japan enables complete control over the value addition process.  

Current Machines:
40 Computerized Embroidery Machines.