About Us
Yes Fashions Group is in the field of Textile manufacturing since 1975 having world class global scale manufacturing and marketing facilities. The group has established a broad based presence in the textile value chain which has resulted in production efficiencies and global cost competitiveness.

POY (Basic Raw Material of Polyester Yarn) > Draw-warping > Sizing > Twisting-Crepe > Weaving > Embroidery > Valuable Fashion Fabrics > Export and Domestic Local Marketadvantages


The Integrated structure of the production facilities of the Group gives it the following advantages :-
  • Quality control over the entire chain
  • High production efficiencies due to broad based planning
  • Low costs due to savings on packing, transportation and marketing costs
  • Higher Efficiency with the help of captive power plant
  • Widespread presence in the region with the common identity


The Gondalia Family is credited with an impressive performance and growth over the past three decades and enjoys a leadership status in the textile industry. A brief mention is as below

Mr. Jawahar M Gondalia and Shri Vrujlal S Gondalia are the Chief Promoters of the Yes Fashion Group and are assisted by his two sons, Mr. Kuntesh Gondalia and Mr. Manan Gondalia along with a whole team of young, dynamic, skilled, qualified, experienced, hardworking and efficient professionals making a strong top management team with vision and skills.

Mr. Jawahar Gondalia is a science graduate from Bombay University and has an experience of over 35 years in the Textile Industry. It is his leadership, management abilities, manufacturing and marketing skills, and guidance that has established the group as a leader in the industry.

He is personally involved in various tasks ranging from strategic planning, arrangements of funds and projects to day to day functioning of the group.

He was nominated as a Board Member of ‘All India Powerloom Board’ by the Ministry of Textiles and as a member of Regional Direct Taxes Advisory Committee by the Ministry of Finance.

He holds offices of high regard in various industry and trade organizations.

  • Past President- South Gujarat Texturisers Association.
  • President- Man-Made Sizers’ Association.
  • Chairman – Yarn Committee (South Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
  • Member – Direct Taxes advisory Committee, Surat

He has played an instrumental role in setting up ‘Surat Apparel Park’ (Garment Park – Surat)


100% share capital is being held by members of Gondalia family and sister concerns. This makes decision making simple and implementation of projects are undertaken speedily


The day to day office administration is handled by the team of Professionals. All commercial aspects and routine affairs of the business are being carried out from the Head office by the Management.


Surat- the synthetic capital of India, is the largest textile hub in India accounting for nearly 90% of total synthetic fabric production of India. All activities related to Textiles- weaving, sizing, texturizing, processing & Value addition are integrated in the city. There is ready market for sized yarn and grey cloth within the city itself. The Group commands high prestige in the market developed by sound financial policies and fulfilling commitments of trade-quality and timely delivery.

Vision :

  • To become a Global Leader in Synthetic Textiles by offering world-class products at competitive price.

Goal :

Create a vertical manufacturing set up that is sustainable, cost competitive and quality leader. Upgrade existing facilities and expand presence in the value chain to achieve superior quality at competitive cost.

“We aim to be the most preferred Synthetic woven fabrics supplier in the world”


  • World Class manufacturing facility specialized in Polyester weaving.
  • Capability to handle different types of weaves like plain, twill, satin, textures etc. and yarns like conventional poly, recycled poly, BSY, spun, nylon etc.
  • State of the Art Preparatory: POY processing, Sizing, Warping, twisting, crape texturing etc.
  • The most comprehensive polyester yarn preparatory in India enables weaving of world class and diverse fabrics.
Sr.No Machinery Installed
1 Draw Warping 9 lines.
2 Sizing 11 lines.
3 Twisting/Crape 35 machines.
4 Weaving 250 machines.


  • Global Recycle Standards (GRS) Certified by Control Union.
  • Join-Life approved by Inditex.
  • SRM supplier for H&M.
  • HRP and Environment certified by Decathlon.
  • Onboard supplier for Bestseller. (Chemical Test Free Approval)
  • Yes Fashions Pvt. Ltd. is only Indian polyester supplier to be registered on all 3 below platforms for work on Environment in Sustainable ways :
    • ZDHC Gateway (AID : A578BD30)
    • Higgs Index ( Higg ID : 124736)
    • Environmental Emission Evaluator(E-Cube) by Bureau Veritas


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